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Luquillo-Sevilleta Virtual Symposium 2023

Last Friday April 14th, we successfully celebrated the 9th Luquillo-Sevilleta Virtual Symposium: “Connecting Across an Ecological Divide: How Students Explore Their Local Ecosystems Through Science and Education”, from the Luquillo-Sevilleta LTER Schoolyard Program. Middle and high school students from Albuquerque and Puerto Rico gathered virtually to share the scientific research done in their respective ecosystems. The achievement […]

LTER Schoolyard Data Jam

The Luquillo LTER Data Jam invites high and middle school students to find interesting ways to present scientific data to non-scientist audiences. Students use ecological data collected at the El Yunque National Forest by the Luquillo LTER, Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, and USGS Water to create a project that presents the data in a non-traditional […]

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